How To Become a Preferred Customer of the AFSFA Web Site

by: Ed & Kathy Erslev

Go to WWW.SHOPAFSFA.COM  on the Internet and follow the numbered arrows. Notice just above Search All Departments it will say:  Your Shop Consultant is Air Force Security Forces Association on the Portal - (#1).  Now you can establish your personal account under the Air Force Security Association account.  It’s easy!!! Just click on SIGN IN in the top right corner - (#2).  This allows you to sign in as a Preferred Customer and insures that you and AFSFA get the appropriate credit. See below:


Note: Once you have set up your account, the next time you SIGN IN you will see the same screen, but this time your name will be to the right of the CASH   logo.  You will also see the amount of CashBack you have accumulated.  (If you do not see YOUR NAME, click on the Sign In icon again to log into the site.  Always check to ensure your name is showing.)

Now, let’s get back to setting up your account! The first time you click on Sign In you will be asked to Enter your email address (#3).  You will be asked if you have an account; just answer NO (#4), then click on Create Account (#5); as shown on this picture:


This brings you to the box Please Create an Account.  On the next screen you will add the requested information (#6).  When you are at the block that says “Were You Referred By A Friend?”, please place:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in that box (#7). Check the block: “I agree to the Terms of Service” (#8), and click “Create an Account” (#9)!”  You now have your account - That’s all there is to it!  Below is a picture of these last four easy steps:



Once the account is created the final Welcome page is seen showing you have now established your personal account.  On your next visit to the AFSFA Web Portal, simply enter your email address and password and you should have access to your personal account with your name at the top.  Each time you enter confirm you are shopping on the: Air Force Security Forces Association (AFSFA) Portal with Your Name on the Welcome page.  You now can shop the world over for all your wants and needs 24/7/365.  You also can tell all your friends and relatives about the shopping experience and savings that will benefit AFSFA in its mission and  programs.  When they sign up to earn CASHBACK, suggest they put your email address in the “Referred By” block. 

Now that you have your account set up we suggest you visit “Stores” to see the long list of places to shop.  (See below)


Once you click on “Stores” you are ready to go!  There are three simple ways to search for what you are looking for:  1) You can search alphabetically.  This is a great way to become familiar with the over 3,000 participating stores in SHOPAFSFA.COM AND you can see what stores offer the most CashBack!  However, this can be time-consuming.  

2) You might find it more convenient to search by “Store Name” if you want to shop in your favorite stores.  For example, you can find stores such as Bath, Bed & Beyond, Office Depot, Target, and Wal Mart.  Just type the store name into the search box!

Or, 3) you want to shop by Category or Product!  That’s easy!  Just click the down arrow button on the “Stores” column and you’ll get a long list of product categories!  See below…


It’s fun!  It’s easy!  There can find some great deals online … and, it’s totally “Green” -- You’re not burning expensive gas when you shop online!  But, the most important reason, you are supporting your church and its activities and missions while doing what each of us does on a regular basis – We Shop and AFSFA is benefitting from what you would routinely be doing.  It’s a WIN/WIN situation – what can be better than that!! 

For additional assistance or information 800 693 3031 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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