AFSFA HoF MedallionPURPOSE:  Publicly recognize the value of significant contributions to AFSFA.

PROGRAM:  AFSFA has established a Hall of Fame (HOF) to recognize members who have made significant contributions to the AFSFA.  The AFSFA Board of Directors (BOD) carefully reviews all nominations each year.  Although there is no minimum annual number of selectees, and the BOD may decline to select any inductee not meeting the criteria, generally not more than three (3) inductees are selected per year.

CRITERIA:  To be eligible for consideration for the HOA, a Nomination Form must be used by the nominating member.  The information must be as complete and relevant to AFSFA operations as possible.  While a noteworthy service record is admirable, the AFSFA HOF considers only members with significant contributions to the AFSFA.

REVIEW PROCESS:  The AFSFA BOD will review all submitted nominations at the Annual Meeting, in a closed session of the Board.  Nominations will be disclosed to the BoD by the Executive Director (ED) and discussed.  The nomination disclosures and reviews will not be recorded or disclosed to the public or membership.  The ED will determine the discussion format and voting.  Following discussions only duly elected and appointed Directors and elected Officers, will vote on the nominations.  Neither the ED nor any yet-to-be-appointed BOD member has a vote. The BOD has the final decision for nominee selection, but there must be at least a 2/3 majority of votes for selection of any nominee.  There is no right of review of the BOD decision.

RECOGNITION:  HOF selectees will be recognized at the Annual Meeting closing dinner with a medallion presentation and their names will be added to HoF plaque.

Click here to download the PDF nomination form.

AFSFA members that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame and the years of their induction:

  • 2008 - Nick Keck
  • 2010 - Jerry and Lucille Bullock
  • 2011 - Bob Egger, Gary Allison, John Renfroe, Pete Piazza, John Rybczyk, John Probst, and Dave Coulie
  • 2012 - Jack Brokaw, Shellie Larios, Bob Poland, and John Wood
  • 2013 - Lee Chambers, Ed Johnson, and Ted Whitlock
  • 2014 - H. Dean Connor
  • 2015 - Wayne H. Cox and N. Scott Castillo
  • 2016 - Willie H. Phillips, Joseph L. Rector, and Hart J. Guenther
  • 2017 - James R. Saulnier, Phil Henning and Bob Christy
  • 2018 - Garry G. Jefferson
  • 2020 - Larry Breazeale and John Lynch
  • 2021 - Russ Spicher and Cal Stickley
  • 2022 - Joseph N. Mitchell, Marie C. Shadden, David M. Zdunski
  • 2023 - Karl Blinkinsop, Chuck Trovarello, David Van Pay, Sally Uebelacker-Shaw