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5 years 4 months ago #228 by freejeff
Replied by freejeff on topic Top Down Recruiting
Have you tried to go to the local VFW or American Legion Post. I am a member of both and I am a district Vice Commander in the Legion and have access to 12 Post under me. I have noticed that a large number of the Post Members are ex Security Police. it seams that its in our blood to want to always help and be involved. I am new and just now contacting a AFSFA Post near me to become a member of the Post and will bring this information to them but I would try meeting with these groups to bring numbers up.
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5 years 4 months ago #229 by johnprobst
Replied by johnprobst on topic Top Down Recruiting
Jeff -- first, glad to have you as a AFSFA member and welcome aboard!
Your thoughts are spot on ... at ground level other, groups such as the VFW and American Legion posts are great areas for a local AFSFA chapter to post a sign and membership applications to spread the word about AFSFA. We encourage our chapters to do just that. Some of our chapters actually use their facilities for their meetings. Please do engage with your closest AFSFA chapter to see what, if anything they have already done or are planning to assist them... especially since you are a direct connection. We have in the past, at a national level, attempted to announce our national meetings with both VFW and American Legion in their magazines ... but they charge for announcements and we do not have a budget for advertising.
Again, welcome and thanks for any doors you can open to your nearby chapter.
Respectfully, John Probst
AFSFA Executive Director

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