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How I find those "Ghost" cops no one knows about.

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4 years 10 months ago #252 by J2l3
Everyone knows about them, those anonymous cops we pass in the mall or the store. The ones who served and elected discharge, retirement or disability but look like everyone else.

How do we find them so we can talk about the AFSFA and all we do as members? What do we talk about when we find these elusive Defenders. Well, I'm going to tell you the things I do and perhaps you can share your ways too.

First off, I wear a black USAF Security Police cap just about everywhere I go. Sort f flying the flag. The plus is, it helps keep me from sun burn on my scalp.

This gives people an opportunity to stop and talk about shared experiences. This cap alone has helped me find folks in stores, campgrounds, casinos, liquor stores and even hotel lobbies during breakfast.. One guy from near Chicago was a former AFSFA member and after our visit in our hotel lobby, he rejoined for 5 years and plans to attend the annual meeting in San Antonio.

Second, I have a large window decal in the rear window of my truck. Thousands of people see it every day that I am driving, which is often. Just this week I had a former SP who served from 196 to 1967 stalk my camping trailer for 2 weeks until he found me outside of it because he had seen the decal on my truck.

He joined the AFSFA this week and also plans to be there in San Antonio in September. He told me yesterday that he hasn't been this excited about anything in a long time!

This is how I find the "Ghosts" where I am. Conversations happen, know about the AFSFA and be able to show enthusiasm while you talk about the association. These folks are looking for us, we just have to be visible and ready to talk.

What are you doing to find and recruit new members? I'd like to hear about your experiences.

The attached pictures are of the cap and window decal I use. The cap is nearly impossible to find anymore unless you want it to say Security Forces, those can be had on eBay for ten dollars. The decal was custom made for me but I can get more if anyone is interested. Takes less than 2 weeks generally

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