Since the formation of the United States Air Force in 1947 the Air Force Air Police/Security Police/Security Forces have defended Air Force bases and installations around the world.

Beginning with the Korean conflict, it became clear that the USAF needed the capability to defend its aircraft and other resources around the world. For the lack of this basic skill, bases were lost in the early days when the North Koreans invaded South Korea.

The Air Base Defense School was established at Parks AFB, California. Peacetime returned and the lessons were soon forgotten -- until 1965 when US Airmen and aircraft once again came under attack, this time in Vietnam. With little previous training and largely trained in the field, the Air Police/Security Police acquitted themselves well, maintaining the integrity of ten air bases until the USAF left Vietnam.

USAF Security Forces are charged with maintaining order and insuring the security of USAF resources around the world, including the majority of our nation's nuclear sites. In every conflict our Security Forces members have entered into the fray, defending the bases and/or other resources while at the same time maintaining law and order on the installations.