445 SFS Airman Honors Fellow SF Airmen With Memorial

By Stacy Vaughn, 445th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


A special memorial honoring the fallen men and women serving in security forces across the Air Force is proudly displayed in the 445th Security Forces Squadron. It was built by a 445th SFS Airmen as his away to pay tribute and to recognize the sacrifices of the 14 fallen heroes.

Staff Sgt. Dustin Ellison, 445th Security Forces Squadron SF craftsman, started working on the memorial March 2017. The display features the faces, names and dates the Airmen made the ultimate sacrifice. Words above the faces say, “Honoring those security forces members who have made the ultimate sacrifice in combat for their country.” Three lights above shine down, highlighting the images. In front of the display board is a pair of combat boots sitting with a rifle mounted in between and a security forces beret on top. Both an American and an Air Force flag sit on each side of the memorial.

“Many don’t understand, or realize the sacrifices that the men and women of the United States Air Force Security Forces actually make. It’s an understanding that few know and to have a memorial of the Defenders that have made that ultimate sacrifice, gives other members a visual remembrance of those sacrifices,” Ellison said.

Ellison said the memorial not only recognizes the current Defenders and the sacrifices that are made on a routine basis, but will also give new Defenders a better understanding of the sacrifices that other members of the security forces family have made.

One of the faces on the memorial is of Staff Sgt. Todd "TJ" Labraico, an Airman deployed to Afghanistan at the same time Ellison was serving there as a desk sergeant.

“I was in charge of dispatching the posts and patrols within my sector, as well as monitoring any suspicious activity. Although he was on a Reaper team and went outside the wire, I would hear the Reaper teams calling in over the radio for pre-authorizations to exit and enter through our vehicle entry control point. I didn’t personally know him, but when someone who you’re deployed with gives the ultimate sacrifice like TJ did, it feels as if you had a special brotherly bond just being in the same career field. It was a tough loss. Godspeed to his family for his sacrifice.”  

Ellison has served in the military 11 years. Both of his grandfathers served, and he felt it was in his blood to serve, especially to serve as a Defender. He remarked that he couldn’t see himself in any other career field other than security forces.

“I’m honored to be a Defender, and it’s an honor to have a memorial like the one that stands at the 445th Security Forces Squadron. It’s a sacred piece, and I'm proud to have put this memorial together. I can only hope that we won’t have to add more to this short list of heroes.”

National Police Week is May 14-20, 2017. It’s an opportunity to pay special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others.

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AFSFA Publishes Security Forces History Book Volume III

Watch our YouTube  video -- https://youtu.be/fBVK_wjP2XY


Dear Air Police, Security Police, & Security Forces Members:

Due to the continued interest in the Air Force Security Forces history, the Air Force Security Forces Association and M.T.Publishing Company have joined forces to publish a third edition history book for 2017. This third edition will make a perfect companion book for the first two and will contain additional history about the Air Force Security Forces with a section for your stories while serving, as well as a chapter for your personal biography. If your biography was in one of the other editions and you would like it to be in this one, it will be necessary for you to resubmit it along with two photos if possible - one while in the service and a current photo. You may use the same photos that were in the previous editions.

Your experience stories are encouraged for this third edition. These can be provided to the publisher free by simply writing an interesting story while serving as a AP, SP, or SF member in 500 words or less. You may also provide photos to go along with your article. All stories will be reviewed for content, possibly edited and published based on pages available for this chapter.

The volume will be:

• 9˝ x 12˝ Hardbound

• Min. 112 pages

• $84.00 (Leather Edition)

• $52.50 (Standard Edition)

Submitting Your Biography for the Volume III History Book ... by mail or electronically

Write your personal biography in 150 words or less, indicating your name, rank, place and date of birth, when inducted into the service, years served, duties, action while in the service, when discharged, awards/medals received, interesting stories as they relate to the Air Force Security Forces, family data, and what you are doing today. If you stay within the 150-word limit, it will cost nothing to participate. The cost for each word over the 150 limit is 15 cents. If your biography is over the limit, please remit a check for the extra words. Send your biography with two photos, if possible – one when you were in the service and a current photo. Do not send photocopies in place of photos, because they cannot be reproduced for use in the book. Biographies may be submitted without photographs. Please type your bio (double-spaced) on plain white paper or submit electronically in a text document. Do not embed photos into the text. Please send those separately. To ensure that all material is returned after publication, write your name, address and phone number on the back of all material submitted. Please send biographies and photos to M.T. Publishing Company, Inc., P.O. Box6802, Evansville, IN 47719-6802.

You may also submit your biography on-line at www.mtpublishing.com   Any digital photos must be scanned at 300 dpi for submission. Low resolution photos cannot be used for the book. If you have questions about scanning or submitting digital files, please contact our publisher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 1-888-263-4702. In submitting photos, please include a caption on the back of the photo with the date and an explanation of who or what is depicted.  A book order is not required to submit material for possible inclusion in the publication.

To submit your biography and photos on-line at www.mtpublishing.com just scroll to the bottom of the web site page and click on the “Submit A Biography” link. Enter your personal contact information and you can cut and paste your biography into the box and upload photos already on your computer. The first 150 words for your biography are free, every word after that is 15 cents. Once you are done hit the “Submit” button and you are done. You will need to use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. If you use Internet Explorer then simply send you bio and scanned photos by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submission and preorder deadline is 31 May 2017! See your latest AFSFA Security Forces Magazine for the order form.

Get Ready for the 2017 Chapter of the Year Competition

ATTENTION, CHAPTER CHAIRS: The deadline for submitting your Chapter of the Year package to the San Antonio headquarters is rapidly approaching. As you may have noticed, the AFSFA national meeting for 2017 has been moved up to late August, causing us to advance the submission date to July 14, 2017. Given the 2018 meeting is also being planned for late August, we expect the same timeline for next year as well. This will allow sufficient time for judging and award preparation in advance of the national meeting’s closing banquet. Two minor changes have been made to the submission questionnaire, so chapter chairs should reach out to their regional directors or visit the AFSFA website to obtain the latest document. All of the rules and processes remain in place from the 2016 competition. The vice president and regional directors will use the same point scoring system for judging. The board of directors will validate the scores in time for the awards ceremony at the banquet. We apologize in advance, but because of the compressed timeline, late submissions cannot be accepted. As with last year, we know from reading your minutes there are nearly 30 chapters doing great work that needs to be recognized – we Invite you to “take-on” the reigning champion, the Ark-La-Tex Chapter, and the 2016 runner-up, the Oklahoma City Heartland Chapter!

For more information review the policy letter at:  http://afsfaonline.com/index.php/members/member-documents/120-afsfa-chapter-recognition-policy-statement

By BGen Andrea Tullos

When Chief Hartz and I visit our Defenders around the world, we ask our Defense Force Commanders and Chiefs, “what are your challenges?”   I expect to hear things like, we need more people, more training, and better vehicles. Sound familiar? I hear a few “Amens” out there. Interestingly, we came across an issue born out of the last few decades of overseas base closures, funding cuts, and policies that help facilitate family stability. We hear leaders concerned with how long their Airmen have been on station—NCOs with over a decade TOS, first term Airmen who spend their 6-year enlistment at one base, and even SNCOs with 15+ years on one base. The more we travelled, the more we learned it’s not an exception—at our CONUS bases, we find an unsettling lack of movement.

 First we asked “why.” For one, Air Force enlisted assignment policies allow an Airman to stay at a CONUS base indefinitely, absent a requirement for them to move elsewhere. Not only does this save precious dollars spent on “unnecessary” moves, it facilitates family stability by allowing spouses to pursue a career path in the local economy, allowing kids to stay in a stable learning environment, and it fosters other positive benefits such as continuity of medical care. Next, since the end of the Cold War we have significantly reduced our overseas footprint, which gives CONUS-based Airmen fewer voluntary overseas assignment options that historically drove PCS movements. For our Defenders, we’ve eliminated over 1,000 OCONUS billets – Clark AB in the Philippines, Howard AB in Panama, Rhein-Main AB in Germany, to name a few—and billets aside, those bases represent diverse operating environments that can’t be replicated in the CONUS. More on that later. Moreover, Airmen overseas can volunteer for consecutive overseas tours (COT). With “over water” PCS moves the most costly, approving COTs is a good deal for the Air Force. All these factors combined bring us to today, where we have a relatively stagnant force.

Well, so what? Who cares if a Defender spends their career at one base?   I would argue the mission effectiveness of our squadrons is a direct reflection of the quality of our career NCOs, who are the backbone of our defense force. We do them a disservice if we only give them one learning environment and by default, deny them important leadership and development opportunities. We rely on the innovation of our Airmen, yet we are only showing them one right way to do it, while there are many right ways out there. Some bases don’t have flightlines, or missile fields, other Service or coalition partners operating on them. An Airman assigned to the nuclear enterprise out of technical training may experience 3 nuclear surety inspections (NSI) during their initial enlistment, but an Airman assigned outside that enterprise won’t experience any. An Airman assigned to a “deployed in place” MAJCOM won’t attend a Regional Training Center and won’t deploy – our revised training policies will end that practice, but we currently have pockets of Airmen with no RTC attendance and no deployments. So how can we say we are preparing our Defenders to lead other Airmen in the diverse operating environments that span our Air Force when we aren’t deliberately developing them to do so?

The answer is we are going to start right now. We are implementing what is called breadth of experience assignment policy across the SF enterprise. This means if you are assigned to the nuclear enterprise, you can PCS out at your four-year point. In light of the rigor of that operating environment and the NSI schedule, four years is sufficient. For Defenders outside the nuclear enterprise, at 6-years TOS you will be subject to move based upon Air Force needs to facilitate moving Defenders out of the nuclear enterprise at their 4-year point. FE Warren AFB is our initial test base where we will implement the 4-year move process. Once we demonstrate success and learn from our initial round of moves, leadership at AF Global Strike Command and in the Pentagon will determine the timeline for moving the remainder of the nuclear enterprise with 4-years TOS.

To effectively defend our air bases and project our nation’s airpower, Defenders must be versatile. This means developing Defenders who have seen and experienced many paths to success, who are confident in their ability to shoot, move, and communicate in various operating environments, across a full spectrum of threats, while employing diverse skill sets. We want every Defender who achieves the rank of SNCO to have served in the nuclear enterprise, to deploy, and to serve overseas. We want all our Defenders to experience the goodness of our Regional Training Centers. We owe this to our Defenders and to our Air Force. So if you have been on station for more than 6 years, I encourage you to take control of your PCS destiny—update your dream sheet, talk to your SFM about what you want to do next and where you want to do it, talk to your family, and consider volunteering to move. You are the single most important ingredient in making our squadrons better, so help us stir the pot a bit by sharing your talents with your teammates at another base. Defensor Fortis!

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