Security Forces Enterprise Plan

“The Security Forces Enterprise Plan is designed to focus on the Strategic Goals that are essential in making us More Lethal and More Ready, by prioritizing those things that are essential to our continued success.”

Brig Gen Collins
Director Security Forces

Strategic Environment

Department of the Air Force Security Forces play a pivotal role in protecting and enabling our Nation’s Air and Space Combat Power and Strategic Nuclear Mission. Building the Security Forces that our Department needs to compete, deter and win across the five priority missions of the National Defense Strategy requires continuous evolution; to become more lethal and more ready and to exploit emerging technologies to complement our already highly trained and motivated workforce. This plan builds upon previous work carried out under the banners of the Security Forces Flight Plan and the Reconstitute Defender Initiative that sought to address shortfalls in manpower, equipment and training and is aligned with the Protect the Force enabling capability in the Air Force Basing and Logistics Flight Plan. At the heart of this new plan are four strategic goals that will institutionalize elite Defender culture, make Defenders more proficient, continuously modernize equipment and standardize requirements to ensure that Security Forces Squadrons possess the resources and capabilities needed to fight and win.

Security Forces Mission

Deliver layered Integrated Base Defense across all Department of the Air Force installations to ensure mission accomplishment

Security Forces Vision

Organize, train, equip and arm our Defenders with technology, capabilities and policy to be the most lethal and ready force on the planet

Security Forces Shared Purpose

Work together as a career field, at all levels, to achieve the responsibilities outlined in the National Defense Strategy and Air Force Priorities


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