By Ryan McCarthy, Daily Republic, page A1, January 30, 2016


Travis Air Force Base unveiled a new training facility Friday. The compound is for base and local law enforcement to practice hostage situations, active shooters and other scenarios. Travis security and Vacaville police conducted a SWAT demonstration, showing the use of the site. (Robinson Kuntz/Daily Republic)



TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE — What was once a pipe dream came true Friday when Travis Air Force Base opened a training site for the military as well as local and federal law enforcement.

 “We can all train together,” said Lt. Col Jearl Allman, 60th Security Forces Squadron commander.

The ability to train together builds on common ground.

“My relationship with local law enforcement is fantastic,” Allman said. “They’re good people.”

The new training site was said Friday to have been once seen as a pipe dream that would be difficult to realize.

Col. George Dietrich, commander of the 60th Mission Support Group, said the site provides a secure, secluded and unpopulated area for training.

A SWAT breaching and clearing demonstration included a dog taking down a “suspect” after a smoke grenade set off pink smoke.

“Do not move,” the man, covered in protective gear, was told by a SWAT member.

Fairfield Police Chief Joe Allio said after the ceremony that the site will provide another level of training for local law enforcement.

Standing in a building that will be used for training, he spoke about “hard corners” – the blind spots that police encounter when searching a site.

“Slicing the pie,” Allio said, refers to the broader view that law enforcement seeks before entry into a room.

“You don’t want to be the guy with the red dot on your chest,” the chief said of training.

The new Travis training site will be able to host scenarios that include hostage situations, active shooters and bomb detection.

Vacaville Mayor Len Augustine and Councilwoman Dilenna Harris were among officials to attend the event.

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