Every year around Veterans Day the California Inland Empire Chapter (AFSFA) serves two large cakes and bottled water to the veteran residents at the Loma Linda VA hospital in Loma Linda, California. “It is our way of giving back,” says SSgt (Ret) George Apker, supported by his wife Sharon. Other AFSFA members present were Larry Breazeale and Chapter president Ken Anderson. Many veteran residents thanked the AFSFA members there for all their effort.

Chairman John Lynch called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. in the 627 SFS Heritage Room, McChord Field, JBLM, WA. Six members and one guest were present.
Treasurer’s Report: Tom Booth gave the report: previous balance of $672.91; no deposits; expenditures: $200.00 donation; ending balance: $472.91.
Business Discussed: Guest, SSgt Aaron Ransom, of 627 SFS 5-6 Club, briefed members on the proposed layout/displays for their unit Heritage Room. SSgt Ransom also thanked Evergreen Chapter members for cash and labor contributions to the room. A portion of the room has been reserved for AFSFA and Evergreen Chapter displays. The 5/6 Club members cannot attend our December 14th dinner meeting because they are having their annual holiday fundraising banquet the same night. Ron Blatman and Jim Fullwood attended their weekly meeting on Monday, October 21, and offered additional assistance. John Lynch plans to attend a meeting with 627 SFS/CC, Monday, November 18 to propose an AFSFA Evergreen Chapter display for the Heritage Room and to make the room our permanent meeting location. “Folded Wings”- Ron Blatman briefed on the passing of chapter member

1. Twenty-two members met at the 610SFS conference room at 1030 hours. Our membership is growing due to leaders of the 610SFS, who are encouraging participation in the chapter. Several members of the 610SFS were in attendance for the first time. Ernie Koontz chaired this meeting until the arrival of Willie Phillips. Ernie led the membership in the pledge of allegiance. The secretary reviewed the minutes from the September meeting and the treasurer reported a total of $2,739.00 in our account.

2. We were delighted to see in attendance some members who had been forced to miss some recent meetings due to ill health. Racehorse Haenes and Bob Higginbotham were both up and about and feeling much better. Welcome back.

3. Wayne Cox, one of our chapter members who is also president of the AFSFA, was available to address some pressing areas

The chapter met at 0900 hours, 9 November 2013, at the Olympic Restaurant in Belleville, with seven members in attendance. Secretary’s Report: Reviewed August minutes. We did not meet in September (Annual AFSFA) and October due to vacations and planned absences. August minutes approved. Treasurer’s Report: - Dave Devine.
We have $799.00 in our checking account and $21.14 in savings at the Scott Credit Union. We have 12 Chapter coins available at $10.00 each. We discussed purchasing additional coins from the same supplier to avoid a set up charge with other companies. Dave Devine is getting a quote for another order of coins. We have 12 T-shirts for sale. Black (L-4) and White (L-7, XL-1). Contact Jim Nickles Membership Chairman’s Report: We will continue to work at collecting the 2013 dues. We have 17 paid chapter members. Our $100 donation to the Annual Meeting Golf Tournament was well received and appreciated.  I forgot to bring up a motion to donate $200.00 to the AFSFA project to provide large framed photos

Seventeen members of our Chapter and one guest met at VFW Post 5951for our regular scheduled meeting. Chairman Webb welcomed all attendees and led in the pledge of allegiance to the flag. A moment of silence was held for our recently departed member, Harold Hasch. Harold passed away one month after his brother, Frank Hasch (also a member of our Chapter), died. Copies of the minutes of the previous meeting were presented to attendees and since there were no corrections, they were approved as presented. Garry Jefferson provided the treasurer's report: a total of $2237.06 after making a $312.00 donation to the AFSFF and $300.00 to the 2 SFS to help pay expenses for the Thanksgiving luncheon. Mel Yarnell reported that as a member of the Chapter Mentor Program, he visited the 2 SFS troops on post a few weeks ago and continues