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Protection Strategies Incorporated Hirin…

06-11-2019 Hits:466 Guardmount/News

Protection Strategies Incorporated Hiring

Protection Strategies Incorporated (PSI), a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), engages industry recognized professionals worldwide to provide security management and consultant services to U.S. Departments and Agencies, international organizations, and commercial corporations.


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JBSA-Lackland, USPS San Antonio Honor Mi…

29-10-2019 Hits:495 Guardmount/News

JBSA-Lackland, USPS San Antonio Honor Military Working Dogs

By Vicki Stein, AFIMSC Public Affairs, 15 August 2019

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas – Members of the Security Forces community and the U.S. Postal Service gathered at the Military Working Dog Monument here Aug. 15 for a local ceremony to unveil the new U.S. Postal Service MWD forever stamp.


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American Lake Veteran’s Golf Course

29-10-2019 Hits:438 Guardmount/News

American Lake Veteran’s Golf Course

By: Capt (ret) David Van Pay

As an avid golfer, I’ve played nearly all the public golf courses in western Washington. One of the neat courses I’ve played is the American Lake Veteran’s Golf course, Lakewood, WA. The front nine holes is old school. Wide open fairways with tiny greens. The back nine was designed and built by Jack Nicklaus a couple years ago. The back nine plays like a resort course that holds your attention on every s...

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29-10-2019 Hits:473 Guardmount/News


By Rick Fulton , (Part 1 of a 2 part series)

A bug out bag in the car trunk or bedroom closet is a first priority kind of grab and go kit, for immediate use the first two days of a disaster, and then as a building block for a longer period, if needed.

What should be in a bug out bag? The very first item is an inventory list inside, right on top. You immediately know what you have to work with.

Be the injury major or minor, you n...

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From the Security Directorate

29-10-2019 Hits:837 Guardmount/News

Our Path to a More Lethal and More Ready Defender!

By BG (Sel) Roy W. Collins, SF Director 24

It has been a fast month stepping in as your new Director of Security Forces. I made a promise during this time to assess where we are and more importantly, how to move us forward.

There is no question that our Security Forces Airmen deserve the absolute best opportunity to achieve their mission, whether it’s in the missile field, on a flight line or at any of our ins...

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An Air Force first — a Sikh in beard and…

18-10-2019 Hits:505 Guardmount/News

An Air Force first — a Sikh in beard and turban graduates at Lackland

Airman 1st Class Sunjit Singh Rathour stood out in the crowd as he graduated Thursday from Security Forces training at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.It was inevitable, given that he was the only airman in Team 36 wearing a beard and a turban as he crossed the stage.“To be honest, it went in the blink of an eye,” he told reporters. “It felt amazing...

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CSAF Charts Air Force Defender Way Forwa…

02-10-2019 Hits:1912 Guardmount/News

CSAF Charts Air Force Defender Way Forward in the Year of Integrate Base DefenseBy Alex Delgado, 502 ABW Public Affairs / Published October 02, 2019


Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein addresses Security Forces Defenders, past and present, at the 33rd Air Force Security Forces Association national meeting banquet in San Antonio 28 Sept 2019, in San Antonio, Texas.<...

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Front Range Chapter Carries the Torch

01-10-2019 Hits:587 Guardmount/News

Front Range Chapter Carries the Torch for Special Olympics Colorado Summer Classic

By CMSgt (ret) Joseph “Mitch” Mitchell, Front Range Chapter Chairman

No, this wasn’t the first time Security Police or Security Forces ever participated in a Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR). And, it was far from a first-time LETR event for Special Olympics Colorado involving members of the U.S. Air Force. But, ...

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First Female Airman Graduates Army's Ran…

03-09-2019 Hits:850 Guardmount/News

First Female Airman Graduates Army's Ranger School

Travis AFB, CA -- 30 August 2019

Story by TSgt Liliana Moreno, 621st Contingency Response Wing Public Affairs


U.S. Air Force 1st Lt. Chelsey Hibsch made history by becoming the first female in the U.S. Air Force ...

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“Hey dude, are you okay?”

22-08-2019 Hits:807 Guardmount/News

“Hey dude, are you okay?”

FighterLine, 301st Fighter Wing PA, NAS Fort Worth, JRB, TX, April 2019

By Col. Mitchell Hanson, 301 FW/CC

Commander’s Corner

Chief Safley and I visited our security forces squadron at the U.S. Air Force Academy two weeks ago while they were conducting their annual tour training. The facilities were great, the backdrop was amazing and the training they accomplished was super. In two weeks, our SFS was able to complete training that wou...

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I am a Security Forces member,
I hold allegiance to my country,
devotion to duty and personal
integrity above all.

I will wear my badge
of authority with dignity and restraint,
and will promote by example
high standards of conduct,
appearance, courtesy,
and performance.

I seek no favor
because of my position.
I perform my duties in a firm,
courteous, and impartial manner,
irrespective of a person's
color, race, religion, national
orgin or sex.

I strive to merit
the respect of my fellow Airmen
and all with whom I
come in contact.

It may have had its origin back as far as the Revolutionary War, this bond that ties us so firmly together. But, whenever it started, it developed slowly through the years, forged in adversity, strengthened by danger, tried by endless hours of mind numbing boredom, honed by the terror of battle, and brought to fruition by the exhilaration of our achievements.

It withstood the bitter years of World War II, the frustrations of Korea, and the agony of Viet Nam; reveled in the revival that began with Grenada and Panama; stood steadfastly through the long grinding years of the Cold War; and blossomed brilliantly in the sands of Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. It is a gem hidden in the folds of brotherhood that, in a larger sense, binds together all who have ever served beneath our country’s colors. It is unique to us, the men and women of the United States Air Force Security Police (Forces). 

Because of it, we have a special sense of pride in our calling, in our comrades, and in ourselves. Down deep we know that our standing on the stone, enduring the bite of the “Old Hawk,” or sweltering in the sun; our suffering the benign neglect of those who should have known better; our fighting desperately in a jungle, on a frozen hill, or in burning desert sand; or our going quietly in harm’s way while those we guarded slept made a difference.

But, why is this bond so different—so unique? It is because we cared for each other in a special way. From the youngster standing his first post to the highest-ranking noncommissioned officer and officer, we had a special place in our hearts for all who wore the shield. 

That caring spanned the great diversity of our duties, tied us together in the face of adversity, and made us a family in the truest sense. Because of it, there was always a helping hand, a word of comfort or encouragement, a boost when the going got tough, and a friend when one was needed. It endures forever and, because of it, we are never alone. How fortunate we are to share in this bond—The Bond of the Blue Beret.

William R. Brooksher

BGen USAF (Ret)

(Adopted as the official prayer in 1980)                                   

Lord, you have called us to be guardians of a nation founded on Your principles.
Whatever our tasks as Security Force men and women, we do them to serve You and our nation.
We are proud to accept the responsibility of this high calling.
We dedicate ourselves to our vocation, and ask for guidance and courage
in aiding our people to live with dignity, in safety and peace.
We know true security comes from your presence, so we pray with the Psalmist:
You bless those who obey You, Lord; Your love protects them like a shield.
Use us, O Lord, as shields for Your people, reflecting Your security and peace.


The origin and the authorship of the official Security Forces prayer may be of interest to the Association members. The author is our Executive Director, Colonel (ret) Jerry Bullock. In 1980 when he wrote the prayer, he was serving with BGen WIlliam R. Brooksher as the deputy commander of the Air Force Office of Security Police, the #2 job in the career field. Colonel Bullock is an ordained minister, and he approached the General to get permission to write a prayer that could be used at Security Police (now Forces) functions.

Since the formation of the United States Air Force in 1947 the Air Force Air Police/Security Police/Security Forces have defended Air Force bases and installations around the world.

Beginning with the Korean conflict, it became clear that the USAF needed the capability to defend its aircraft and other resources around the world. For the lack of this basic skill, bases were lost in the early days when the North Koreans invaded South Korea.

The Air Base Defense School was established at Parks AFB, California. Peacetime returned and the lessons were soon forgotten -- until 1965 when US Airmen and aircraft once again came under attack, this time in Vietnam. With little previous training and largely trained in the field, the Air Police/Security Police acquitted themselves well, maintaining the integrity of ten air bases until the USAF left Vietnam.

USAF Security Forces are charged with maintaining order and insuring the security of USAF resources around the world, including the majority of our nation's nuclear sites. In every conflict our Security Forces members have entered into the fray, defending the bases and/or other resources while at the same time maintaining law and order on the installations.

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  • CSAF Charts AF Defender Way Forward in the Year of Integrated Base Defense
  • First Female Airman Graduates Army's Ranger School
  • Minnesota Law Enforcement Team in the Law Enforcement Museum
  • CONGRATS are in order ...
  • Front Range Chapter Carries the Torch for Special Olympics Colorado Summer Classic
  • Eagle Chapter Features 'Guardmount Honor Flight'
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